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The stork - la cigogne, in French - is the bird of Alsace. Throughout this region in the northeast of France, these stately birds make their nests atop the roofs of tall buildings. They live up high so that young storks can swoop off the roofs as they learn to fly.

The stork is a symbol of good luck - a marker of happiness and fidelity throughout Alsace. Regional folklore says that when a child wanted a younger brother or sister, he would place a piece of sugar on the windowsill to attract the stork, in hopes that it would leave a precious package in exchange for a sweet treat.

At Patisserie La Cigogne, we strive to bring the quality and freshness of Alsatian delicacies to you each day, with classic recipes from the land of the stork. French master pastry chef Thierry Schmitt crafts traditional French desserts, croquembouches, wedding cakes, pastries, breads, chocolate and other sumptuous French fare for the people of Leaside and Toronto to savour. These delicacies, combined with the cafés friendly atmosphere and service, keep La Cigogne's devoted clientele coming back for more. You could leave the tasty treats on your windowsill, hoping to attract the lucky stork of Alsace, but we think it's best just to eat and enjoy them!

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